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Video installation by Ukrainian artist Pashkovsky shown in New York’s Times Square

A video installation created by Ukrainian artist Oleh Pashkovsky is shown in Times Square in New York as part of the Decode Experiential contemporary art project.

The installation will be screened throughout May 2019, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

"I use math functions to control the pixels on the screen, making them move, create patterns, images, and animations," Pashkovsky told reporters.

He explained that the sketch, which is screened in the main square of New York, was made using a software code and a mathematical formula.

"It seems to me that people have a much wider range of tools they can use for creativity in contemporary art," he said.

According to Pashkovsky, he spent only twenty minutes of time for creating this form and writing a program code. However, they were preceded by three months of research and work on another project that inspired its creation.

"It's easy enough to create such a piece if you understand what exactly you want to create," he explained.

One can see only a fragment of the video installation in Times Square, although the code that creates the visual imagery can be played in real time, for example, in web browser and also react to music. This feature differs video installation from a classical animation, where everything is pre-calculated and does not change.

Prior to this, Pashkovsky created a Morphogenesis project in collaboration with Jonathan McCabe and Anderson Krygier at one of the new buildings of Stanford University (California, USA). The semi-transparent visual installation on the facade of the building housing the Department of Biology allows visitors to explore Turing patterns via game and image management.

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