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Trump and The Mafia

In June of this year, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, met the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in the Japanese city of Osaka and a few days later was with the head of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. He gently shook hands with them, patted the weeping and tried his best to find signs of friendship. To preserve face, which however has long since been lost. Donald Trump in pursuit of pseudo-sensationalism did not even think about the fact that he was shaking hands with criminals.

Vladimir Putin, being the commander-in-chief of the Russian army, has killed more than two thousand children in Ukraine and Syria with Russian weapons.Western Intelligence has investigated Putin’s connections with international drug traffickers, and Russian journalists have written more than once about his contacts with organized crime in Russia. So, Donald Trump shook the hand of, and actually embraced, a war criminal.

The leader of another country, Kim Jong-un, according to all generally accepted canons, is also a criminal, whose hands are tainted not only with the blood of his own citizens, but also with that of Americans. The point of negotiations with this criminal was purely the promotion and advertising of the 2020 US presidential candidate, Donald Trump. North Korea does not represent and for a long time will not pose any threat to the United States. Kim Jong-un's statements about the presence in North Koreaof nuclear weapons capable of reaching the United States are the pure bluff of a leader of a totalitarian state where human rights are violated daily and hourly. To conduct any negotiations with this state is shameful and senseless.

What do we see in the end: the leader of the United States flirting and wanting to be friends with criminals and dictators, instead of strengthening the alliance with its NATO allies and the countries of Eastern Europe. This is not what America needs.
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